Virtual Benefits Fair

Virtual Employee Benefits Fair

The Virtual Employee Benefits Fair is a unique communication tool that was created to reach out to employees and increase understanding and utilization of their Benefits and Total Rewards. What does this mean for your organization?

  • Increase understanding of consumer driven health plans 
  • Increase understanding of retirement and 401K plans 
  • Increase understanding of the employee value proposition 
Increased Understanding = Increased Utilization 

Research shows that the more employees understand about their benefits program, the more value they will see in their employment with their company. To create the right benefit communication strategy organizations need to capture employee’s attention, recognize what motivates them in today’s workplace and make it easy for them to access.

How does the Virtual Employee Benefits Fair (VEBF) make this possible?

As employees register for the VEBF employers capture information to help build targeted marketing lists, administer employee surveys and ask employees for input and feedback: 

Virtual Employee Benefits Fair Walk through

Employees are welcomed to the Virtual Employee Benefits Fair with a customized message from the organization. 

Easing access to programs such as health care and encouraging employees to choose healthy lifestyles are beneficial to an organization as a whole. But employers need to go beyond mere implementation to see results. The VEBF will help your organization:

Showcase employee benefits and education strategies that are designed to align with workplace culture and increase employee participation. 

Highly interactive and hands-on learning experiences will address key issues involved in communicating employee benefits in a changing organization. 

During the past 10 years, the cost of healthcare benefits has increased more than 140 percent, becoming the number-one expense concern of corporate leaders across the United States. The VEBF can be used to increase employee accountability through communication.

Technology is being used increasingly to deliver benefits, facilitate transactions and communicate with employees. It presents a tremendous opportunity to streamline the benefits delivery process and promote employee self-service. The demand for technology will only increase as we look to engage an already diverse workforce in new and unique ways. The VEBF will help you manage and develop your benefits message for maximum impact. 

Companies have a distinct competitive advantage when they can effectively use this tool to provide training and education to influence employee behavior and performance.

Education Center:


Networking Lounge:


Human Resources experts understand that the traditional employer-employee covenant is being replaced by a partnership model in which opportunities to succeed are made readily available. The VEBF is a technological tool designed to cement this relationship. 

This communication vehicle can be used locally, nationally and globally. There are built in tracking and reporting capabilities that provides HR leaders with valuable utilization and demographic information. 

As a fully hosted service offered by Career/Life Alliance, there is no installation of hardware or software and each Virtual Benefits Fair is private and branded for your company as an employee service program. 

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